Best Dental Care You can Smile About
Tara Radford, Washington

“I have had an extensive dental well in the past but have never been treated with such respect and dignity. The knowledge of both dentists are amazing and so appreciate not only their kindness but their abilities to do amazing dental work.”

Ryan Kipple, USA

“Bedside matter is great, my dentists took great care in making sure I’m comfortable and there was very little discomfort. Very friendly and personable. The work was well done and the end result is superb. Prices very reasonable.”


“Polite and thorough with work, would suggest break for each side and top and bottom.”

Joel Ponce, California

“Very nice and courteous staff, fast service, good value.”

Judith Robinson, Australia

“Excellent service and manner of staff”.

Richard Mick, LA US

“I never thought it would be possible to be proud of my teeth until Dr. Ann Gantuangco-Gutierrez change my teeth. Words can now express how happy I am and how confident I now feel.”

Roy Dennis, Arkansas

“Excellent Dentistry and great music.”

Marvell Patrick, Oklahama

“Dr. Gutierrez is a wonderful dentist. The staff at Bites and Smiles are very professional. I would recommend this dental clinic to everyone traveling to the Philippines.”

Omair Alwalah, Saudi Arabia

“They did very good tooth treatment more over. I really advice anyone to visit this clinic to do all his treatment and take Dr. Ann’s Advice because she is very honest on her job and a specialist. Dr. Ann and here group is really very excellent. Thank you!”

Olav Aaslaud, Norway

“Very friendly and good Service! Have already recommended all to friends in Manila.”

Lyne Diocales, Washington

“We are very happy and satisfied with Dr. Ann and Dr. Ferdinand. They are so nice and professional, also the dental assistant Jacqui. We’ll definitely come back here! Highly recommended.”

Abdulnaser R. Alkhaldi

“I will recommend your clinic via Media & Internet in most Arab Websites.”

Misfer Alyami, Saudi Arabia

“Good treatment and I am happy to choice this dental clinic to fix my teeth and give me a perfect smile”

Edward San Pedro, Manila

“Very professional and has lots of patience. Helpful in explaining the different technicalities of the procedure”

Marcelino Olfato, Australia

“Good Result, the work was done really quick and accurately, so it give us enough time to assessed the final and long term result of the work performed. Not bad at all :)”

Ann Newman, Houston Texas

“Dr. Ann was very through and kind. I was pleased with the service”

Robert Anderson, Australia

“Excellent work and very pleasant people”

Imelda Frank, United Kingdom

“An efficient and professional service. Conducted in a very friendly atmosphere”

Brendon Dowse, Australia

“Dr. Ann and her team did a wonderful treatment for me. Nothing was too much of a problem. Great service and will recommend to anyone to have treatment here.”

Bo Astrom, Makati

“Although  I have the deepest respect and anxiety to see a dentist, this experience will follow me for the rest of my life and has changed my attitude pertaining to dental treatment. Friendly atmosphere, professional performance and respect for my precious dental experience. I shall return. Maraming Salamat Po!”

Marivic Rogue, California

“Very satisfied with the result. The staff were all very nice and Dr. Ann Gutierrez is really good in what she does. Amazing result! I will definitely recommend and refer to others”

Tess De Jesus

“Dr. Ann and the staff did an awesome job in creating crowns on my front upper teeth. I’m impressed, now I’m able to smile with confidence, the staff are very warm and accommodating. The dentist herself in my opinion is very professional, competent well skilled. Thank you so much for a job well done.”

Fergus Duggan, Georgia

“Service was excellent, and expadited my crown in 3 days. Staff was on top of the game.”

Annie Shakir, Manila

“Very gentle po ang mga dentist. Thank you so much!”

Emmanuel Tolentino, Manila

“Very good, painless, very efficient, highly recommended”

Marwan Agamri, Saudi Arabia

“Doctors are super nice. Prices are moderate. Location of the clinic is great. The actual work was great. I do have a way better smile. Thanks Dr. Ann and the rest of the crew”

Ken Wilson, Paranaque

“This was my first visit and I’am trying to find a good dentist in the Philippines. I’am totally satisfied with the work done. The staff is helpful, professional. I will continue to use Bites ‘n Smiles as my only Dentist in the Philippines”

About Bites and Smiles Dental Clinic

We offer exceptional dental care services and expertise to clients with dental and oral health problems. We provide all forms of general dentistry, oral surgery, fixed and removable prosthetics, implants, orthodontic care, cosmetic procedures and emergency care using the latest techniques and equipment.

It is a standard procedure in our clinic that we provide full diagnosis of our client’s dental health and complete personalized treatment plan right on your first consultation visit. This is our way of offering high quality dental care in a manner that is both easily understood and accepted by clients of all ages.

Bites & Smiles Dental Clinic is located at 822 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, Philippines.

Visit Bites & Smiles Clinic and experience the Best Dental Care you can SMILE about!

Bites ‘n Smiles Bluebay Walk.. Opening Soon

Bites ‘n Smiles Bluebay Walk.. Opening Soon

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Gum Diseases

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Dental care 101: Why should I floss?

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